Unafraid of the New: A Faith Reflection Journal for Women Recovering From Mistakes, Mishaps, & Misfortune

Keturah A. Ford

You’ve been through a lot, but you’ve made up your mind to follow the “new thing” that God is calling you to.

“Unafraid of the New” not only helps you process your past, present, and future but addresses important questions like:

•How invested is God in your desire to grow spiritually?

•What things lead to true contentment + fulfillment?

•What are some of the “pitfalls” that can stunt your growth?

•How can you be more proactive and encouraged about your journey of devotion to God and a shift in your thinking?

This journal is ideal for the woman who is recovering from severed connections/environments, compromised decision-making, and/or complicated feelings toward the past.

Each of the eleven (11) sections are designed for reflection, journaling, and opportunities to apply important scripture points to your intimate prayer + meditation time.

*The PDF file is immediately accessible on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Have a notebook and pen handy to work alongside the digital contents of the journal.


“Unafraid of the New is such a great read and encouragement with your walk with God. I love the writing components along with scripture which helps you to reflect along the way.  I highly recommend this book. It’s uplifting and provides tools to help you move forward.”

I want this!

Ebook PDF (70 Pages) - 11 sections, journaling prompts, spiritual reflections, Bible-based meditations

4.68 MB
70 pages
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