You Aren't Too Much!

Keturah A. Ford
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Your teen girl may have BIG IDEAS. Whatever she decides to do with them, you simply want her to remain confident and focused.

Allow her to be inspired with over 85+ inspirational quotes in You Aren't Too Much as she strives to be an everyday leader in a world of peer pressure, distractions, etc.

Very little is off limits in this resource as your teen will gain inspiration not only for those school books of hers, but also in the areas of romance, conflict, self-image, and anything that may be hidden in that brilliant mind of hers like the next great invention or new cure to a deadly disease.

Discuss one quote a day with your teen girl or allow her to explore them independently from the convenience of a digital device as a daily affirmation.

*BONUS DOWNLOAD SHEET INCLUDED: Tips For Choosing A College Major


"The link provided to the Career Quiz is definitely the best aptitude test and from a reliable source. The students can explore their strengths and get extremely personalized career suggestions. It even allows them to filter by how much schooling is needed after high school, and shows the salary, growth potential, and skills. Overall, following these steps finally got my 11th graders to picture their future in new ways, and thus made them care more about exploring college major options." - Rachel R., Parent

I want this!

Ebook, 85+ Inspirational Quotes, Affirmations, Confidence Tips, BONUS Download


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